HR Services

Battersea Consultants is a leading recruitment company that provides excellent HR consultancy services in Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, and Gurgaon. With the help of our professional team who have immense experience in this field, we provide the best suitable candidates hailing from different educational courses and skill sets. The eminent verticals in which we primarily focus include medical, computer application, engineering, hospitality, management, and other essential industries.

Our appointed HR team follows a strategic placement process and because of this systematic way, we are able to produce positive results. Our HR team initiates the recruitment process with sourcing followed by shortlisting, selection, and personal interviews, and thereafter completes the process with final recruitment.

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What Are the Advantages of Battersea Consultants HR Services?

Battersea Consultants’ HR services are immensely advantageous for businesses. Below are some significant merits of our HR services:

Perfect for All Types of Industries

Battersea HR services are suitable for all industries. Since we don’t roam around any single specific business, the classification of business doesn’t create any kind of hindrance while we are providing our HR services.

Professional Team of HR

Battersea Consultants are equipped with a team of professional HR personnel who have a wide range of experience in the field. They all are qualified from reputed universities and hence, their advanced knowledge in this field adds to their skills. That’s why they frame a process that is sophisticated but at the same time, meets the advancement of time.

Database of Experienced Professionals

If your business requires experienced professionals and you are not able to find a reliable source from where you can hire trained manpower, then you should approach Battersea Consultants which will help with a huge database of trained and experienced professionals. We have several such databases of multiple industries.

A Through Process of Recruitment

At Battersea Consultants, our HR department follows a complete recruitment process which includes sourcing, shortlisting, selection, personal interviews, and then final recruitment. We follow such an extensive process to ensure that only deserving candidates can be recruited for all the reputed job profiles. We don’t believe in simply selecting anyone based on the shortlisted CVs, an inclusive procedure is followed to test the candidate holistically and analyze if he/she can fulfill the required business position or not.

What Are The Different HR Services Battersea Consultants Provide?

Mass Hiring

Many companies need mass recruitment services to meet the increasing demands of their growing business. Battersea Consultants provide mass hiring services with the help of which you can rapidly scale your business operations to accomplish your latest projects. We not only provide you with a large number of talented candidates in a short span of time but we do extensive preparation which includes internal evaluation, planning, coordination, onboarding plans, and critical examination.

Temporary Staffing

When things are not certain in the economy, businesses don’t want to hire permanent employees. However, that doesn’t mean businesses don’t require manpower. Unregulated government policies don’t allow them to appoint employees for the long term. Hence, they are resolute on temporary recruitment. Hence, if you are searching for HR services that can help you with temporary recruitment for your business needs, then Battersea Consultants is the perfect one-stop solution for you.

As a temporary recruitment service provider, Battersea Consulanats works the same way as the HR department of your own company does. In this process, we oversee the initial listings, testing, and interview process and the final dealing process with the employee for the contract signed with the company.

Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO)

HRO is a special arrangement wherein a third-party agency performs all the HR-related tasks on behalf of the main business. By outsourcing the HR departments this way, businesses can focus their complete attention on all the growth-related objectives.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Through recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), a business can transfer the responsibility of hiring new candidates to a third-party service provider. If you are searching for a reliable RPO service provider, then you can choose us as Battersea Consultants help businesses hire the right candidates for different job profiles. We generally initiate this process by discussing the job descriptions with our clients.

After that, our RPO team promotes such job profiles on other platforms using new methodologies of recruiting and technology. In some cases, we also follow those techniques used by our clients. As we receive the resumes, we try to analyze precisely if the candidate is suitable for the job role or not. We generally take the help of several pre-employment assessments. On successful completion of the process by our end, we send the final results to our clients and they have to interview those highly qualified candidates and then make a choice.